Xyris laxifolia Mart. var. iridifolia (Chapman) Kral

Locations ofXyris laxifolia Mart. var. iridifolia (Chapman) Kral in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Xyris laxifolia Mart. var. iridifolia (Chapman) Kral
Common Name
Iris-leaf Yellow-eyed Grass
Xyris iridifolia Chapman
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Xyris iridifolia Chapman
Sometimes treated as a full species, Xyris iridifolia Chapman. Robert Kral, the long-time student of this genus, considered X. iridifolia to be only varietally distinct from the neotropical X. laxifolia and published the new comb. in Novon 9:214 (1999). The two overlap on Costa Rica.
Freshwater to oligohaline wind-tidal marshes, depression ponds, and ditches. Rare in the s. Coastal Plain, south of the James River; most of our records are from low-statured wind-tidal marshes of the Embayed Region along the Northwest and North Landing rivers.
Native Status

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