Cyperus filiculmis Vahl.

Locations ofCyperus filiculmis Vahl. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Cyperus filiculmis Vahl.
Common Name
Southeastern Flatsedge
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Cyperus filiculmis Vahl.
Map is a placeholder pending the extensive herbarium work needed to separate this species and ssp. of Cyperus lupulinus, which were lumped in Atlas Ed. III; see map of Cyperus lupulinus complex. Sometimes treated within a broader concept of the wide-ranging Cyperus lupulinus. As used here, C. filiculmis applies to plants of the SE U.S. north to se Va and D.C.
Dry, sandy woodlands, clearings, fields, and roadsides. This species has generally been lumped with Cyperus lupulinus in Virginia studies, and its distribution and status are incompletely known; it is apparently frequent or locally common in the Coastal Plain, particularly south of the James River, possibly extending into parts of the Piedmont.
Native Status

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