Tridens chapmanii (Small) Chase

Locations ofTridens chapmanii (Small) Chase in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Tridens chapmanii (Small) Chase
Common Name
Chapman's Purpletop, Chapman's Redtop
Tridens flavus (L.) A.S. Hitchc. var. chapmanii (Small) Shinners
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Tridens chapmanii (Small) Chase
Although FNA treats this taxon as a variety of T. flavus, it seems abundantly distinct and we therefore follow Weakley (2015) and Flora of Virginia in treating it as a species. Tridens chapmanii was recently rediscovered on a dry, calcareous, shell-rich woodland in James City County and a dry, sandy, fluvial terrace woodland in New Kent County. Although historical Virginia collections are all from sandy habitats, this taxon is also known from Coastal Plain calcareous woodlands in Maryland.
Dry, open sandy forests (including maritime forests), sandhill woodlands, sandy clearings, and dry, calcareous shell-marl slopes. Rare, s. and c. Coastal Plain; known from historical collections in Southampton County and from the cities of Suffolk and Virginia Beach; recently found to be extant in James City and New Kent counties.
Native Status

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