Sanicula canadensis L. var. floridana (Bicknell) H. Wolff

Locations ofSanicula canadensis L. var. floridana (Bicknell) H. Wolff in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Sanicula canadensis L. var. floridana (Bicknell) H. Wolff
Common Name
Florida Snakeroot
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Sanicula canadensis L.
Sanicula canadensis var. floridana is reported to reach its northern range limit in se. Virginia; targeted inventory in that region is needed to determine its current status. In addition, the validity of this taxon needs further assessment in the field and herbarium; it may not be worthy of recognition.
Collected by Fernald and Long in the late 1930's from "sandy yellow pine and oak woods" and "border of dry pine woods" in southeastern Virginia. This taxon has not been distinguished from var. canadensis in subsequent Virginia floristic studies and herbarium specimens, and its full distribution and status is unknown.
Native Status

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