Rudbeckia laciniata L. var. bipinnata Perdue

Locations ofRudbeckia laciniata L. var. bipinnata Perdue in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Rudbeckia laciniata L. var. bipinnata Perdue
Common Name
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Rudbeckia laciniata L. var digitata (P. Mill.) Fiori - misapplied
Map incomplete at this time. Var. bipinnata is a northeastern species that reaches its southern limits in se. Virginia. Most VA herbarium specimens have not been identified to variety, and this taxon is likely more widely distributed in the northern and western parts of the state than indicated. Virginia specimens of var. bipinnata were previously misidentified as R. laciniata var. digitata (P. Mill.) Fiori, a southeastern Coastal Plain endemic.
Reported from bottomlands, seepage swamps, wet meadows and clearings. Most Virginia specimens of Rudbeckia laciniata have not yet been determined to variety. Variety bipinnata occurs from New York and New Hampshire south to Virginia, and based on a limited specimen review appears to be uncommon or rare in Virginia; its status, however, is uncertain.
Native Status

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