Lycopus angustifolius Elliott

Locations ofLycopus angustifolius Elliott in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Lycopus angustifolius Elliott
Common Name
Narrow-leaf Bugleweed, Southern Bog Water Horehound
Lycopus rubellus Moench var. angustifolius (Elliott) H.E. Ahles; Lycopus rubellus Moench var. lanceolatus Benner
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Lycopus angustifolius Ell.
Map is very incomplete at this time, pending the herbarium work needed to map this species. Lycopus angustifolius was subsumed in L. rubellus in earlier, hard-copy editions of the Atlas. It is known from southeastern Virginia, where it reaches its northeastern range limit.
Virginia habitats unknown. The status of this species is obscure since it has been lumped with L. rubellus in previous Virginia botanical studies; its most likely area of occurrence in the state is the se. Coastal Plain, south of the James River.
Native Status

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