Nuttallanthus texanus (Scheele) D.A. Sutton

Locations ofNuttallanthus texanus (Scheele) D.A. Sutton in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Nuttallanthus texanus (Scheele) D.A. Sutton
Common Name
Texas Toadflax
Linaria canadensis (L.) Chaz. var. texanus (Scheele) Pennell
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Nuttallanthus texanus (Scheele) D.A. Sutton
This species should probably be considered exotic in our area (SE and W distribution). It is also sometimes treated as a variety (Linaria canadensis (L.) Chaz. var. texanus (Scheele) Pennell), the combination not yet having been made in Nuttallanthus).
Virginia specimens of Nuttallanthus need critical evaluation due to the similarities between the two species.
First collected by Fernald and Long in 1939 from "sandy fields and clearings southwest of Petersburg, no. 10,023." More recently, it has been collected in three counties (Isle of Wight, Nottoway, Sussex) by Chris Ludwig and in James City County by Lynn Loetterle. Apparently infrequent or rare in the Coastal Plain and outer Piedmont of se. Virginia. However, its distribution and status are poorly known due to likely confusion with L. canadensis.
Native Status
Not Specified

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