Polygala cruciata L.

Locations ofPolygala cruciata L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Polygala cruciata L.
Common Name
Cross-leaved Milkwort, Drum-heads
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Polygala cruciata L.
A northern variety, var. aquilonia Fern. & Schub., has only partially been sorted out among Virginia herbarium specimens. It's status and distribution awaits further study. Until such time, the map for Polygala cruciata, s.l., is retained here along with partially populated maps for var. aquilonia and var. cruciata.
Bogs, fens, wet flatwoods, and boggy clearings such as power-line swales. Polygala cruciata is infrequent in the Coastal Plain north to Caroline, Gloucester, and Accomack counties; rare in the inner Piedmont (Goochland and Powhatan counties); and disjunct to isolated mountain habitats in Augusta, Carroll, Floyd, and Grayson counties. Varieties aquilonia and cruciata are sometimes recognized. Virginia collections have not been evaluated thoroughly enough to treat infraspecific taxa.
Native Status

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