Tiarella cordifolia L.

Locations ofTiarella cordifolia L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Tiarella cordifolia L.
Common Name
Foamflower, Heart-leaved Foamflower
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Tiarella cordifolia L..
The current map includes collection records of both var. cordifolia and var. collina Wherry (= T. wherryi Lakela). Although differing in several characters, these taxa are readily distinguished by habit in the field, with var. collina forming discreet clumps and lacking the stoloniferous habit so typical of var. cordifolia. Individual distribution maps are currently not available for these vars., since they have not been widely recognized in Virginia floristic studies and most herbarium specimens are not so labelled.

Var. austrina Lakela, based on more elongate terminal lobe on leaf and only shallowly toothed compared with the typical variety, was mapped in far sw. Virginia in Amer. J. Bot, 1937, but specimen confirmation has not been seen.
Overall the species occurs in cove forests, mesic to dry-mesic slope forests, well-drained alluvial forests, and crevices of shaded rock outcrops. It favors, but is not restricted to, more base-rich soils. It is frequent in the sw. mountains and s. Piedmont; infrequent in the n. mountains and n. Piedmont; rare in the inner Coastal Plain. Based on field experience, var. cordifolia is characteristic of the western (montane) and northern parts of the state, while var. collina is characeristic in southern and central Virginia east of the mountains.
Native Status

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