Viola pubescens Aiton

Locations ofViola pubescens Aiton in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Viola pubescens Aiton
Common Name
Yellow Violet
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Viola pensylvanica Michaux + V. pubescens Ait.
The map is a composite containing records for both var. pubescens and var. scabriuscula, which were lumped in previous hard-copy editions of the Atlas. Most herbarium specimens, however, are probably already separated out either as species or vars., and just need to be fully inventoried. See also the separate maps and habitat/distribution data for each taxon.
These taxa are sometimes treated as full species (Viola pubescens s.s. and Viola pensylvanica Michx.) but almost all violet experts seem to agree that this is a single, highly variable species with numerous intermediate "hybrids" between the varietal extremes.
See the varietal maps for detailed habitat information.
Native Status

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