Viola tripartita Elliott

Locations ofViola tripartita Elliott in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Viola tripartita Elliott
Common Name
Three-parted Violet
Viola glaberrima (Gingins) H. House; Viola tripartita Ell. var. glaberrima (A. DC.) R.M. Harper
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Viola glaberrima (Gingins) H. House
Specimens previously determined as V. eriocarpa were recently annotated to Viola tripartita. Foliage, however, is not tripartite and no tripartite leaves have ever been seen at either well-known locality. Plants without divided leaves have been called var. glaberrima (DC.) Harper, or V. glaberrima (Gingens) H. House. More recently, a similar specimen has been found from a third locality.
Rich, mesic slope forests over calcareous or mafic rocks. Rare, sw. mountains; known only from three localities in Carroll, Floyd, and Montgomery counties.
Native Status

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