Viola walteri House

Locations ofViola walteri House in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Viola walteri House
Common Name
Prostrate Blue Violet, Walter's Violet
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Viola walteri House var. walteri
We do not recognize vars. of Viola walteri because Ballard's "Systematics of Viola Section Viola, s. str., in North America north of Mexico", C. Mich. Univ (1992), provides ample evidence for the recognition of Viola appalachiensis (V. walteri var. appalachiensis) as a species. If V. appalachiensis proves not to be a worthy species, it's much more likely that it is an anomalous hybrid combination than a variety of V. walteri.
Mesic to dry, rocky forests, woodlands, barrens, ledges, pastures, and road banks on limestone and dolostone; also in mafic fens and seeps. Infrequent to rare in the sw. mountains, n. to Botetourt County (Ridge and Valley and Southern Blue Ridge).
Native Status

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