Elymus virginicus L. var. jejunus (Ramalay) Bush

Locations ofElymus virginicus L. var. jejunus (Ramalay) Bush in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Elymus virginicus L. var. jejunus (Ramalay) Bush
Common Name
Virginia Wild Rye
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Elymus virginicus L.
See Comments under Elymus virginicus var. virginicus. Map incomplete at this time, pending the extensive herbarium work that will be necessary to map the vars. of this polymorphic species. Variety jejunus is widespread in the western range of the species, northeast to Virginia. Only a few specimens have been so named from our area. The specimen from Bath County was annotated by J.J.N. Campbell as transitional to E. curvatus Piper, a midwestern and Plains species not otherwise known in Virginia.
Calcareous wet meadow periodically cut for hay.
Native Status

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