Dryopteris clintoniana (D.C. Eaton) Dowell

Locations ofDryopteris clintoniana (D.C. Eaton) Dowell in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Dryopteris clintoniana (D.C. Eaton) Dowell
Common Name
Clinton's Wood Fern, Broad Swamp Fern
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Dryopteris clintoniana (D.C. Eaton) Dowell
Specimens collected in 1899 by William Palmer from Lincolnia, City of Alexandria, have been in the US National Herbarium, D.C. and Vicinity Collection and known for a long time. The species, in fact, was reported in Claytonia 3:17 (1936) and subsequently included in The Ferns and Fern Allies of Virginia (VPI Bulletin 37, No. 7, May 1944). A second specimen from Fauquier County also cited there was later annotated to Dryopteris celsa, which may have cast doubt on the earlier record from Alexandria. In any case, the species was not included in the three editions of Atlas of the Virginia Flora. The species was again listed in The Annotated Checklist of the Vascular Plants of the Washington-Baltimore Area (Shetler & Orli, 2000) based on Palmer's specimens. Examination by pteridologists Jim Montgomery and Carl Taylor (2010) confirmed the Lincolnia occurrence of Clinton's woodfern in Virginia, and also turned up specimens from two additional areas in Fairfax County. Whether or not is is still extant in the region is yet to be determined.
Shaded, acidic seeps, seepage swamps, and wet meadows. Rare; known historically from the Lincolnia bog, City of Alexandria, and two additional sites in nearby Fairfax County; last collected in 1980.
Native Status

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