Viola pedatifida G. Don

Locations ofViola pedatifida G. Don in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Viola pedatifida G. Don
Common Name
Prairie Violet, Crowfoot Violet
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Viola pedatifida G. Don
A remarkable disjunct occurrence of this midwestern prairie species. First found by Paul M. Patterson and Lena Artz, May 6, 1936, and reported in Violets of Virginia (Patterson, 1939). A second station was found by R.B. Platt in 1946 and reported by him in Castanea 15:126-129 (1950). The Virginia populations were omitted in the violet monograph by Russell (1965) with brief mention that "in the southeastern Appalachians, V. palmata is sometimes so similar to V. pedatifida that it is mistaken for it." Without specimens in any Virginia herbaria, it "dropped from view", being subsequently omitted through previous editions of the Atlas of the Virginia Flora. Two populations were re-discovered in 2006 at or near the original site and the identity confirmed by Dr. Harvey Ballard who has studied the species extensively.
Shale barrens and open shaly woods; routinely associated with various shale barren endemics. Rare, wc. mountains; known from Alleghany and Bath counties (Ridge and Valley province).
Native Status

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