Houstonia micrantha (Shinners) Terrell

Locations ofHoustonia micrantha (Shinners) Terrell in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Houstonia micrantha (Shinners) Terrell
Common Name
Small-anthered Bluet
Hedyotis australis W.H. Lewis & D.M. Moore; Hedyotis crassifolia var. micrantha Shinners
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not included in the Flora of Virginia; found after the flora had gone to press.
This species, native of the south-central states, appeared initially rather suddenly in the Williamsburg area in Spring, 2012, well north of its previous northeastern limit in Georgia. Multiple stations, some with many individuals, reappearing now for several years, suggest it is locally established and now spreading.
Grassy places, cultivated fields, roadsides and trails. Known only from, and locally frequent in, James City and Prince George counties.
Native Status

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