Dichanthelium filiramum (Ashe) LeBlond

Locations ofDichanthelium filiramum (Ashe) LeBlond in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Dichanthelium filiramum (Ashe) LeBlond
Common Name
Panicum chrysopsidifolium Nash
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Included in synonymy of Dichanthelium aciculare in the Flora of Virginia (2012).
The new combination in Dichanthelium was made in J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 10(1):35-38 (2016). The most recent Virginia specimens cited in this publication were from 1939 but the species was rediscovered in Southampton County in 2016; additional specimens likely exist in herbaria. It had not previously been recognized in the Digital Atlas due to varying interpretations in other sources, mostly as a synonym of various taxa in sect. Angustifolia or sect. Lanuginosa. Further study is warranted.
Pine and pine/oak woodlands of the Coastal Plain. The 2016 specimen was collected from a small, sandy opening in a loblolly pine plantation, with Cuthbertia graminea. This tract also supports other southern pine land species such as Carphephorus bellidifolius and Quercus incana.
Native Status

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