Cleistesiopsis oricamporum P.M. Brown

Locations ofCleistesiopsis oricamporum P.M. Brown in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Cleistesiopsis oricamporum P.M. Brown
Common Name
Coastal Plain Small Spreading Pogonia
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not in Flora of Virginia; discovered after its publication.
Cleistesiopsis oricamporum is a recently described species of the southeastern Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains. The Virginia population discovered in 2017 represents a new northern range limit, slightly disjunct from southeastern North Carolina populations. This species is closely related to the montane C. bifaria, but differs in its vanilla-scented flowers (vs. non-scented in C. bifaria) and perhaps in some minor morphological characters. DNA studies strongly suggest that the two species are distinct., but their precise geographic distribution requires further study through wider DNA sampling, especially in the Atlantic states (K. B. Gregg, pers. comm.). At the time of examination, the Virginia plants were in very late flower and floral scent could not be assessed. However, we are tentatively assigning them to C. oricamporum based on the wet, open habitat within a formerly fire-maintained longleaf pine area, and its co-occurrence with several other Coastal Plain state rarities (Gentiana autumnalis, Lilium catesbaei, Cleistesiopsis divaricata) known to be associated with C. oricamporum further south.
A single population occupies a seeping slope in a City of Suffolk powerline right-of-way through seasonally saturated (former longleaf pine) flatwoods.
Native Status

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