Andropogon glaucopsis Ell.

Locations ofAndropogon glaucopsis Ell. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Andropogon glaucopsis Ell.
Common Name
Chalky Bluestem
Andropogon glomeratus (Walt.) Britt. var. glaucopsis (Elliott) A.S. Hitchcock
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Andropogon glaucopsis Ell.
This taxon has been treated as a var. of both Andropogon glomeratus and A. virginicus, but is distinctive and easily recognized in the field by its combination of height (> 1 meter), strong bluish- or whitish-glaucous color, and semi-bushy inflorescences. The current map is unquestionably incomplete, and the species is probably more widespread in se. Virginia, where it is reported to reach its northern limits. Additional field and herbarium work is needed.
Damp to wet flatwoods and clearings, ditches, tidal marsh edges, and interdune swales. Infrequent in the s. Coastal Plain, its distribution not well known; frequent in the vicinity of False Cape and Back Bay in far se. Virginia.
Native Status

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