Geum geniculatum Michaux

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Botanical Name
Geum geniculatum Michaux
Common Name
Bent Avens
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Not in Flora of Virginia; discovered after its publication.
Geum geniculatum was first found and photographed in Virginia on Whitetop Mountain in August 2021 by Amanda Treher. The identity was confirmed by Alan Weakley from photos, and further verified within a few days by close study of a single stem collected from a multi-stemmed plant to voucher this new locality and state record (Wieboldt 14263). Other then having upper styles (deciduous portion) at the lower limit (or slightly less) given in Weakley (2015), other particulars of the calyx, vestiture, and lower style trichomes all fit G. geniculatum perfectly.
Bent avens is a globally restricted, Southern Appalachian endemic previously known from only 15 sites in w. NC and e. TN. It is presumed to be native at this trailside location in Virginia. Further searches in the area in the hopes of finding other occurrences away from trails will be needed to confirm the status.
The habitat on Whitetop is a mesic, northern hardwood forest with a canopy locally of yellow and sweet birches, Crataegus (near canopy height), and buckeye on a bouldery, southwesterly slope with local seepages and damp areas. Associated species include: Ageratina altissima var. roanensis, Monarda didyma, Athyrium asplenioides, Carex spp., and Solidago patula. This station occurs slightly above 5000 ft elevation.
Native Status

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