Doellingeria sericocarpoides Small

Locations ofDoellingeria sericocarpoides Small in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Doellingeria sericocarpoides Small
Common Name
Southern Tall Flat-topped Aster
Aster sericocarpoides; Aster umbellatus Mill. var. brevisquamis Fern.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Doellingeria sericocarpoides Small
This plant was reported for Virginia as Aster umbellatus var. brevisquamis by Fernald from two collections he made: 1) argillaceous and siliceous boggy depressions, about 3 miles southeast of Petersburg, at head of Poo Run, Oct 18, 1936; Fernald. Long & Smart #6894 (this site destroyed in construction of I-95); and 2) sphagnous springy swales bordering White Oak Swamp, west of Elko Station, Aug 17, 1938, Fernald & Long #9192. Despite the fact that he lists Fernald's name in synonymy of Aster sericocarpoides, Semple did not map the occurrences and says, "The few collections from the northeastern limits of the species ... are difficult to distinguish from both A. infirmus and A. umbellatus on macro-morphological features, but they group with other members of A. sericocarpoides on technical terms." (See Can. J. Bot. 69:269-270 (1991)). This statement, in itself, is difficult to interpret, but certainly suggest that the Virginia specimens may not conform to the contemporary concept of this species. Due to the floristic affinities of these two sites with the more southern flora, and the specimens being specifically cited in Semple's work, we are mapping this species in the hopes that future herbarium and field studies will clarify the identity of these populations and others that may be discovered in the region.
Sphagnous, springy swales and clay-based boggy depressions in the se. Virginia Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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