Carex hirsutella Mackenzie

Locations ofCarex hirsutella Mackenzie in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex hirsutella Mackenzie
Common Name
Fuzzy Sedge, Hairy-leaved Sedge
Carex complanata, in part
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex hirsutella Mackenzie
The map includes records for Carex hirsutella and Carex complanata (s.s.). Of the two, C. hirsutella is most abundant and distributed state-wide, while C. complanata is more restricted to the Coastal Plain and outer Piedmont.
In diverse, mesic to dry forests, woodlands, barrens, clearings, and old fields; especially characteristic of and numerous in dry-mesic oak and oak-hickory forests. This species has been lumped with Carex complanata in most Virginia studies, and its distribution has not been rigorously mapped. However, it appears to be frequent to common in the mountains and Piedmont and infrequent in the Coastal Plain (apparently absent or rare south of the James River).
Native Status

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