Citing the Digital Atlas

Virginia Botanical Associates

Virginia Botanical Associates. (year accessed). Digital Atlas of the Virginia Flora ( c/o Virginia Botanical Associates, Blacksburg. [(optional) Accessed: (full date)]

Much of the data presented on the Digital Atlas website has been derived over years of working collectively and from numerous sources beyond VBA. Principal current authors for individual fields are listed below while acknowledging that these individuals have received much assistance. Other significant contributions are also listed:

  • Classification and nomenclature – Thomas F. Wieboldt, John F. Townsend, Gary P. Fleming, W. John Hayden
  • Comments – Thomas F. Wieboldt, Gary P. Fleming, John F. Townsend
  • Habitat – Gary P. Fleming
  • Status – Gary P. Fleming
  • Map data (field and herbarium) – All
  • Liaison with FNA – W. John Hayden (FNA regional reviewer)
  • Liaison with Flora of Virginia Project – John F. Townsend , J. Christopher Ludwig
  • Exotic species specialists – Robert A.S. Wright, Rod Simmons
  • Financial administration – Robert A.S. Wright, Thomas F. Wieboldt, John F. Townsend
  • Site administration – Thomas F. Wieboldt, Gary P. Fleming, John F. Townsend

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