About the Plant Photographs

Virginia Botanical Associates

In January 2008, the first photographs were added to species pages of the Digital Atlas through the efforts of the Flora of Virginia Project. Many images are the work of staff of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Division of Natural Heritage. Other photographs were taken by DCR-DNH staff on their own time or by avocational botanists who volunteered their work for this purpose. All images are protected by copyright.

In 2011, VBA assumed responsibility for managing the photos, and has added more than 3,000 new photographs to the Digital Atlas. Our current goal is to fill in as many of the remaining gaps as possible, and to broaden the coverage of individual taxa with photos showing various character details (e.g., flowers, fruit, diagnostic characters).

VBA has no authority to make photographs available for use by third parties. Please direct such requests to the individual photographers. In addition to VBA members who have provided large numbers of photos, we especially thank Kenneth Lawless, Irvine Wilson, Ron Lance, and Hal Horwitz for very substantial contributions to this effort.