Carex glaucodea Tuckerman ex Olney

Locations ofCarex glaucodea Tuckerman ex Olney in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex glaucodea Tuckerman ex Olney
Common Name
Blue Sedge
Carex flaccosperma Dew. var. glaucodea (Tuck.) Kukenth.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex glaucodea Tuckerman ex Olney
The current map is incomplete at this time, although based on specimens at VPI and several other herbaria. This species was lumped with Carex flaccosperma and C. pigra in previous, hard-copy editions of the Atlas; extensive herbarium studies are needed to map the three taxa accurately and completely. See also Comments on the pages for Carex flaccosperma and C. pigra.
Dry-mesic to dry upland forests and woodlands, Piedmont hardpan forests, upland depression swamps, meadows, fields, and clearings; less typically in floodplain forests; often in clayey soils and habitats that are alternately wet and dry. This species has not been segregated from Carex flaccosperma and C. pigra in most Virginia studies, and its distribution and status are incompletely known. Field experience and herbarium specimens suggest that it is frequent throughout the Piedmont and more local in the mountains (at low elevations) and the Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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