Carex flaccosperma Dewey

Locations ofCarex flaccosperma Dewey in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex flaccosperma Dewey
Common Name
Meadow Sedge, Thin-fruited Sedge
Carex flaccosperma, in part
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex flaccosperma Dewey
The current map is a composite that contains records for Carex flaccosperma, C. glaucodea, and C. pigra, which were lumped under a broader concept of C. flaccosperma in earlier, hard-copy editions of the Atlas. Extensive herbarium studies are needed to map the three taxa in this complex accurately and completely. See also Comments on the pages for Carex glaucodea & C. pigra.
Mesic, often rich, upland forests, well-drained bottomland forests, alluvial swamp hummocks, moist meadows and clearings; often abundant in the large-river bottomlands of southeastern Virginia. This species has not been segregated from Carex glaucodea and C. pigra in most Virginia studies, and its distribution and status are incompletely known. Field experience suggests that it occurs in the southeastern and central Coastal Plain and outer Piedmont, and rarely elsewhere.
Native Status

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