Carex complanata Torr. & Hook.

Locations ofCarex complanata Torr. & Hook. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex complanata Torr. & Hook.
Common Name
Hirsute Sedge
Carex complanata, in part
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex complanata Torr. & Hook.
Most records in Atlas lll are referable to Carex hirsutella. However, Carex complanata, s.s., is locally common in the Virginia Coastal Plain and outer Piedmont.
Floodplain forests, alluvial swamps, depression swamps and ponds, wet flatwoods, tidal swamps, and wet clearings; occasionally in more upland situations. This species has been lumped with Carex hirsutella in many older Virginia studies, and its distribution has not been completely mapped. However, confirmed records make clear it is frequent to common in the Coastal Plain and outer Piedmont; rare to absent westward. Compared to C. hirsutella, a species of dry uplands, C. complanata occupies relatively moist to wet habitats.
Native Status

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