Anticlea elegans (Pursh ) Rydb. var. glauca (Nutt.) Zomlefer & Judd

Locations ofAnticlea elegans (Pursh ) Rydb. var. glauca (Nutt.) Zomlefer & Judd in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Anticlea elegans (Pursh ) Rydb. var. glauca (Nutt.) Zomlefer & Judd
Common Name
White Death-camas, White Camas
Anticlea glauca Kunth; Zigadenus glaucus (Nutt.) Nutt.; Zigadenus elegans Pursh ssp. glaucus (Nuttall) Hultén
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Anticlea glauca Kunth
See J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 3(1):159-160 (2009) for varietal recognition.
This taxon has been variously treated as a species (Anticlea glauca), or ssp. or var. of Anticlea elegans (formerly Zigadenus elegans). While Weakley (2012) and Flora of Virginia treat it as a species, FNA (Vol. 26) chose not to even recognize two subspecific taxa within Zigadenus elegans because of considerable intergradation in the middle of the geographic range. We follow Zomfeler and Judd here in recognizing regional variation within a single species.
Dry limestone and dolomite (rarely metabasalt) woodlands, barrens, cliffs, and outcrops; often associated with Thuja occidentalis. Infrequent and local in the mountains.
Native Status

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