Veratrum parviflorum Michx.

Locations ofVeratrum parviflorum Michx. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Veratrum parviflorum Michx.
Common Name
Mountain Bunchflower, Small-flowered False-hellebore
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Veratrum parviflorum Michx.
Historically, this species has been variously placed in Melanthium or Veratrum. Recent molecular studies have supported its inclusion in Veratrum. See Syst. Bot. 28:250-269 (2003).
Mesic and dry-mesic montane forests at middle to high elevations, tolerating a wide range of soil chemistries; perhaps most frequent in mixed oak, oak-hickory, and Northern Red Oak forests. Common in the greater central part of the mountains, from roughly Giles and Floyd counties n. to Rockingham and Albemarle counties; very infrequent in both the far n. and far sw. mountains.
Native Status

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