Erythronium umbilicatum Parks & Hardin ssp. umbilicatum

Locations ofErythronium umbilicatum Parks & Hardin ssp. umbilicatum in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Erythronium umbilicatum Parks & Hardin ssp. umbilicatum
Common Name
Dimpled Trout Lily
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Erythronium umbilicatum Parks & Hardin ssp. umbilicatum
Most Virginia material represents the non-stoloniferous var. umbilicatum. However, large, apparently colonial populations of Erythronium umbilicatum have been found at middle elevations of the Northern Blue Ridge in Greene and Fauquier counties; further investigation is needed to determine whether these represent the stoloniferous var. monostylum Parks & Hardin, which is reportedly endemic to high elevations of the Southern Appalachians. According to Weakley (2012), the latter approaches the Virginia border on the Southern Blue Ridge and should also be sought in the Balsam Mountains / Grayson Highlands area.
Well-drained floodplain forests, mesic and dry-mesic slope forests; less often in dry upland forests and rocky woodlands; often in more acidic, infertile soils than Erythronium americanum ssp. americanum. Frequent to locally common in the mountains and s. Piedmont; infrequent in the n. Piedmont and Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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