Rhynchospora recognita (Gale) Kral

Locations ofRhynchospora recognita (Gale) Kral in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Rhynchospora recognita (Gale) Kral
Common Name
Round-headed Beaksedge
Rhynchospora globularis (Chapm.) Small var. recognita Gale
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Rhynchospora recognita (Gale) Kral
Map incomplete at present; based on specimens annotated by Kral at VPI, and others at LONG determined by M. Terry.
Bogs, fens, seeps on rock outcrops, moist to wet meadows and clearings, ditches, and other low, wet or seasonally wet habitats. This species has generally been lumped with Rhynchospora globularis in Virginia studies, and its distribution and status are incompletely known. It appears to have a somewhat more inland distribution than R. globularis and is frequent in the inner Coastal Plain and Piedmont. It appears to be rare but widely scattered in the mountains and infrequent or rare in the outer Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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