Carex debilis Michaux

Locations ofCarex debilis Michaux in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carex debilis Michaux
Common Name
White-edged Sedge
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carex debilis Michaux
The map may include some records for Carex flexuosa, which has generally been lumped with C. debilis in previous Virginia floristic studies. Plants with pubescent perigynia apparently occur in populations of both Carex debilis and C. flexuosa, and have been called C. debilis var. pubera Gray and C. allegheniensis Mackenzie. FNA treats these as synonyms under C. debilis var. rudgei (Carex flexuosa), but the names may have been applied to specimens of both species. Further study is needed.
Floodplain forests, alluvial swamp hummocks, seepage swamps, bogs, boggy clearings, wet flatwoods, maritime swamps, and depression swamps and ponds; also in disturbed wetlands and low, mesic upland forests. Frequent throughout, but rare above 760 m (2500 ft) elevation in the mountains (see status of Carex flexuosa for a comparison).
Native Status

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