Panicum gattingeri Nash

Locations ofPanicum gattingeri Nash in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Panicum gattingeri Nash
Common Name
Gattinger's Panic Grass
Panicum philadelphicum Bernh. ex Trin. ssp. gattingeri (Nash) Freckm. & Lelong; Panicum capillare L. var. campestre Gattinger
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Panicum gattingeri Nash
Probably better treated as a ssp. of Panicum philadelphicum, as FNA does (see Synonymy). Most herbarium specimens are likely lumped under Panicum capillare or Panicum philadelphicum. Map is very incomplete pending herbarium work to segregate it from similar species.
Reported to occur in damp to dry, usually calcareous, sandy soils of fields, roadsides, pond shores, and cultivated ground. This species has generally been included in Panicum capillare or P. philadelphicum in Virginia studies, and its habitats, distribution, and status in the state are obscure.
Native Status

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