Sphenopholis obtusata (Michx.) Scribn. var. major (Torr.) K.S. Erdman

Locations ofSphenopholis obtusata (Michx.) Scribn. var. major (Torr.) K.S. Erdman in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Sphenopholis obtusata (Michx.) Scribn. var. major (Torr.) K.S. Erdman
Common Name
Slender Wedgegrass
Sphenopholis intermedia (Rydb.) Rydb.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Sphenopholis obtusata (Michx.) Scribn.
The map is incomplete at this time, as most Virginia specimens have not been identified to variety. Although species status is sometimes given for this taxon (as S. intermedia), careful measurement of glume length/width rations and rachilla length on a sample of 20 specimens did not support the alleged differences. Glume ratios were only slightly greater for "intermedia" and rachillas were shorter than required for "intermedia" on about half the specimens. Given this inconsistency, varietal status seems more appropriate, wherein we follow Erdman's "Taxonomy of the genus Sphenopholis (Gramineae), Iowa St. J. Sci. 39(3):259-336 (1965).
Dry-mesic to fairly wet forests, clearings, old fields, and meadows. Apparently infrequent throughout, but frequent in some areas.
Native Status

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