Eryngium prostratum Nutt. ex DC.

Locations ofEryngium prostratum Nutt. ex DC. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Eryngium prostratum Nutt. ex DC.
Common Name
Creeping Eryngo
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Eryngium prostratum Nutt. ex DC.
According to Alan Weakley (pers. comm.), the fairly tight and continuous range of E. prostratum from southern Virginia southward strongly suggests the species is native in the state. It is, however, introduced in Delaware.
Ditches, pond margins, low fields and clearings, sand and gravel bars; usually in wet, seasonally exposed mineral soils. Infrequent in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont, rare in the moutains; restricted to the southern half of the state.
Native Status
Not Specified

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