Smilax ecirrata (Kunth) S. Wats.

Locations ofSmilax ecirrata (Kunth) S. Wats. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Smilax ecirrata (Kunth) S. Wats.
Common Name
Upright Carrion-flower, Upright Greenbrier
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Smilax ecirrata (Kunth) S. Wats.
FNA doesn't attribute this species to Virginia; the Montgomery and Rockingham records are suspect, but Lee Co. is quite probable. FNA gives the author as "S. Watson in A. Gray et al."; however, this fails to account for the earlier use of the name by Kunth. Rhodora 70:265 says Engelmann first applied the name but there is no clear indication that he supplied the name to Kunth. Voss says the specific epithet is "often incorrectly spelled ecirrhata"!
Mesic to dry forests over limestone. Rare; known only from Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.
Native Status

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