Solidago rigida L. var. rigida

Locations ofSolidago rigida L. var. rigida in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Solidago rigida L. var. rigida
Common Name
Stiff Goldenrod
Solidago rigida L. ssp. rigida; Oligoneuron rigidum (L.) Small var. rigidum
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Solidago rigidaL. var. rigida
Sometimes treated as an Oligoneuron rigidum (L.) Small var. rigidum. The primary range of this taxon is Midwestern, with scattered disjunctions throughout much of the Appalachians and Atlantic Piedmont regions.
Dry, rocky woodlands, barrens, and outcrops; also in clearings and old fields in areas that once supported vegetation with prairie affinities; strictly on calcareous or mafic substrates, including limestone, dolomite, metabasalt, amphibolite, diabase, and calcareous shales. Rare in the mountains and Piedmont.
Native Status

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