Humulus lupulus L.

Locations ofHumulus lupulus L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Humulus lupulus L.
Common Name
Common Hops
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Humulus lupulus L.
Three intergrading varieties may be recognized based on density of hairs and glands on lower leaf surfaces; the differences are subtle, and sometimes obscured by introgression. They are not mapped here because Virginia specimens have not generally been identified to variety. Least pubescent is var. lupulus, the European hops. The native var. pubescens E. Small has the midrib densely pubescent with hairs also between the veins.
The species is typically found in disturbed habitats, particularly in alluvial soils; also in fencerows, railroad rights-of-way, and roadside thickets. Infrequent in the mountains and Piedmont; rare in the Coastal Plain.
Native Status
Not Specified

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