Carya glabra (P. Miller) Sweet

Locations ofCarya glabra (P. Miller) Sweet in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Carya glabra (P. Miller) Sweet
Common Name
Pignut Hickory
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Carya glabra (P. Mill.)
Carya glabra is extremely variable in a number of characters, and may be difficult to distuinguish from Carya ovalis in the field and herbarium. A number of infraspecific taxa have been reccognized, but further evaluation of their distinctiveness and validity is needed. In Virginia, plants that have been called var. hirsuta (Ashe) Ashe, with conspicuously pubescent petioles and leaves densely hirsute over their lower surface, are frequent in the Piedmont and perhaps elsewhere. Large-fruited trees referrable to var. megacarpa (Sarg.) Sarg. have been attributed to the Coastal Plain.
In a wide range of mesic to dry upland forests, but most numerous in moderately to strongly base-rich soils; ascends to at least to 1140 m (3750 ft) elevation in the mountains. Common throughout.
Native Status

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