Crataegus uniflora Muenchh.

Locations ofCrataegus uniflora Muenchh. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Crataegus uniflora Muenchh.
Common Name
One-flowered Hawthorn
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Crataegus uniflora Muenchh. var. uniflora
Our most widespread hawthorn and typically a small shrub only about 1-2 meters tall, though capable of attaining greater heights. The one-flowered haw will occasionally have up to 3 flowers together, but even without flowers, its shrubby habit, leaf shape, and slender thorns will usually identify it reliably.
Submesic to dry or, rarely, mesic upland forests, woodlands, barrens, old fields, clearings, and edges. Frequent to common in the mountains (except sw. Virginia) and Piedmont; infrequent in the Coastal Plain; apparently absent or rare in the outer Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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