Boechera laevigata (Muhl. ex Willd.) Al-Shehbaz

Locations ofBoechera laevigata (Muhl. ex Willd.) Al-Shehbaz in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Boechera laevigata (Muhl. ex Willd.) Al-Shehbaz
Common Name
Smooth Rock Cress
Arabis laevigata (Muhl. ex. Willd.) Poiret var. laevigata; Borodinia laevigata (Muhl. ex Willd.) P.J. Alexander & Windham
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Boechera laevigata (Muhl. ex Willd.) Al-Shehbaz
An extremely narrow-leaved form of this species that grows on cliffs, barrens, and rocky woodland slopes is nearly identical to Boechera burkii, except for its inconspicuous leaf-base auricles.
Eastern U.S. species of Boechera were transferred to the genus Borodinia in Syst. Bot. 38:192-209 (2013) based on a relatively close relationship with Asian Borodinia macrophylla. While w. N. American Boechera form a convincing clade, we feel that recognition of Borodinia should await additional investigation. Inclusion of only a single Asian species and stair-step relationships between a number of genera may belie the best placement of our eastern taxa.
Dry woodlands, barrens, and outcrops on a wide variety of rocks; also in rocky or calcareous soils of mesic to dry upland forests; rarely in bottomlands. Common in the mountains and Piedmont; infrequent to rare in the Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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