Phlox maculata L.

Locations ofPhlox maculata L. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Phlox maculata L.
Common Name
Meadow Phlox, Wild Sweet-william
Phlox maculata L. ssp. pyramidalis (Smith) Wherry
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Phlox maculata L.
Two largely sympatric subspecies have been ascribed to our area, but their validity needs investigation. Ssp. maculata is reported to have 7–15 well-spaced nodes and the upper leaves oblong to ovate and cordate at the base, flowering early summer; ssp. pyramidalis (Smith) Wherry is reported to have 16–35 crowded nodes and the upper leaves lanceolate to
ovate-oblong; truncate to subcordate at the base, flowering late summer.
Wet meadows and clearings, stream banks, calcareous fens, bogs, seeps, and seepage swamps. Frequent in the mountains; infrequent in the Piedmont; rare in the inner Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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