Proserpinaca pectinata Lam.

Locations ofProserpinaca pectinata Lam. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Proserpinaca pectinata Lam.
Common Name
Comb-leaf Mermaid-weed
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Proserpinaca pectinata Lam.
Proserpinaca intermedia Mackenzie, a taxon morphologically intermediate between P. palustris and P. pectinata, has been attributed to Southampton, Sussex, and Warren counties, and Newport News City. It has been variously treated as a hybrid, a species of hybrid origin, or the result of plasticity in one of the other species resulting from fluctuating water levels and photoperiod. Catling also suggests it may be hybrid but says "empirical evidence is lacking". See Castanea 63:408-416 (1998). Until the status of this taxon is resolved, we are excluding it from formal recognition.
Seasonal ponds, ditches, flatwoods depressions. Infrequent but widespread in the Coastal Plain south of the James River; rare in the n. Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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