Spiraea alba Du Roi var. latifolia (Ait.) Dippel

Locations ofSpiraea alba Du Roi var. latifolia (Ait.) Dippel in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Spiraea alba Du Roi var. latifolia (Ait.) Dippel
Common Name
Broadleaf Meadowsweet
Spiraea latifolia (Aiton) Borkh.
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Spiraea latifolia (Ait.) Burkh.
See Comments under map of Spiraea alba var. alba. Plants from high-elevation outcrops have been called S. septentrionalis (Fernald) A. & D. Love. They may be an environmental form of S. alba. var. latifolia and are provisionally included here. More study is needed.
Mafic fens, calcareous fens and spring marshes, seepage swamps, edges of montane depression ponds, riverside prairies, and seasonally moist ultramafic barrens; also on middle- to high-elevation outcrops of mafic and granitic rocks. Infrequent in the mountains and n. Piedmont; rare in the n. Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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