Viola sororia Willd.

Locations ofViola sororia Willd. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Viola sororia Willd.
Common Name
Common Blue Violet, Confererate Violet
Viola septentrionalis Greene; Viola papilionacea Pursh; Viola priceana Pollard
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Viola sororia Willd.
Viola sororia aparently hybridizes with several other species to produce a confusing array of morphologies. As used here, the name is restricted to homophyllus plants with moderately pubescent, wide leaves. A form bearing whitish flowers with central blue lines has been called the "Confederate Violet" and often grows intermixed with the typical blue-flowered form. See also Comment under Viola septentrionalis.
In an extremely wide range of forested to open, natural to ruderal habitats. Its natural habitats include swamp hummocks, floodplain forests, and varied mesic to dry upland forests. It can also be abundantly weedy in lawns, fields, pastures, and many other disturbed habitats. Common throughout.
Native Status

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