Boltonia diffusa Ell. var. diffusa

Locations ofBoltonia diffusa Ell. var. diffusa in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Boltonia diffusa Ell. var. diffusa
Common Name
Small-head Doll's-daisy
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Boltonia diffusa Elliott var. diffusa
Presumably introduced in our area from further south and west. In general morphology, this species posesses the achene characters of Boltonia asteroides (well-developed wings, prominent pappus awns, and pubescence on achene faces) but has the diminutive heads, slender peduncles, and diffuse inflorescence of Boltonia caroliniana. It was only recently identified as occurring in our area and is probably more widespread than the current map indicates.
Power-line clearings, roadsides, fields, and fencerows. Infrequent but locally common at a few sites in the c. Piedmont; also collected in Sussex and York counties.
Native Status

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