Oplismenus undulatifolius (Ard.) P. Beauv.

Locations ofOplismenus undulatifolius (Ard.) P. Beauv. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Oplismenus undulatifolius (Ard.) P. Beauv.
Common Name
Wavyleaf Basketgrass, Wavyleaf Grass
Oplismenus hirtellus (L.) P. Beauv. ssp. undulatifolius (Ard.) U. Scholz
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Oplismenus hirtellus (L.) P. Beauv. ssp. undulatifolius (Ard.) U. Scholz
This highly invasive, Eurasian grass was first discovered in the vicinity of Swift Run Gap in Shenandoah National Park in 2005 and spread rapidly to a significant acreage of infestation. Its invasiveness derives from its shade-tolerance, fast perennial growth from stolons, and prolific ability to spread through its sticky fruits, which adhere to clothing and animal fur. Despite a multi-agency effort at early detection and eradication, populations in new areas are being discovered with increasing frequency. The current map certainly does not represent the full distribution of this taxon in the state; voucher specimens from all populations are needed.
Mesic upland forests (both disturbed and undisturbed), well-drained stream bottoms, and shaded clearings. Recently discovered at multiple sites in the Northern Blue Ridge, northern Piedmont, northern Ridge and Valley, and central Piedmont regions, as well as along the New River Trail in Carroll County and in the southeast Virginia Coastal Plain (Sussex Co.); locally abundant, covering many acres at some sites. There is an unvouchered sight record from Prince William County.
Native Status

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