Eupatorium cordigerum (Fernald) Fernald

Locations ofEupatorium cordigerum (Fernald) Fernald in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Eupatorium cordigerum (Fernald) Fernald
Common Name
Clasping Round-leaf Thoroughwort
Eupatorium rotundifolium L. var. cordigerum Fernald
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Eupatorium cordigerum (Fern.) Fern.
This somewhat obscure taxon has been variously considered a hybrid, a variety of Eupatorium rotundifolium L., or a species. According to Weakley (2012 draft Flora of the Southern and Mid-Atlantic States), it is an apomictic, polyploid derivative of the hybrid E. perfoliatum × rotundifolium. See Comments under map of E. rotundifolium.
Marsh edges, open swamps, bogs, and boggy clearings. Apparently rare in
the Coastal Plain; additional field and herbarium studies are needed because this taxon has often been confused with Eupatorium rotundifolium.
Native Status

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