Fallopia cristata (Engelm. & A. Gray) Holub

Locations ofFallopia cristata (Engelm. & A. Gray) Holub in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Fallopia cristata (Engelm. & A. Gray) Holub
Common Name
Crested False Buckwheat
Polygonum scandens L. var. cristatum (Engelm. & Gray) Gleason; Polygonum cristatum Engelm. & Gray
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
Fallopia cristata (Engelmann & A. Gray) Holub.
Map incomplete at this time. This taxon has been variously considered a species, a variety of Fallopia scandens (as Polygonum scandens var. cristatum), or a mere depauperate form of F. scandens. FNA subsumes it in F. scandens, stating that "extreme forms are easily identified; some specimens grade gradually into F. scandens, making recognition of F. cristata of questionable utility. S. T. Kim et al. (2000) used morphometric studies as a basis for recommending that F. cristata is best treated as a variety of F. scandens." In Virginia this taxon has consistently proven distinctive enough, both morphologically and ecologically, for recognition at some level. It is here treated as a species, since no varietal name is available under Fallopia.
Dry, usually rocky open forests, woodlands, barrens, and rock outcrops; most characteristic of mafic and moderately to strongly calcareous substrates; occasionally in weedy habitats. Infrequent to locally common in the mountains and inner Piedmont; very rare in the Coastal Plain.
Native Status

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