Aneura sharpii Inoue & N.G. Mill.

Locations ofAneura sharpii Inoue & N.G. Mill. in Virginia

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Botanical Name
Aneura sharpii Inoue & N.G. Mill.
Common Name
Flora of Virginia Name/Status
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This liverwort was named in 1965 from eastern North America as distinct from the European A. maxima. Older collections in Virginia identified as A. pinguis need to be re-examined for possible additions to the range of A. sharpii. To date, the species has only been identified from a few mountain counties.
Aneura and Pellia are often mistaken for one another and care must be taken to examine papillae just under the thallus margins. Those of Pellia are two-celled (ie. trichomes) with the basal cell often being darkened; the single-celled papillae of Aneura are hyaline throughout.
Various wetland habitats so far known: shaded spring outflow; wet boulders in mountain stream; wet ground in skunk cabbage seep
Native Status

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